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6 Basic Essentials for Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization
Basic SEO essentials are the fundamentals which we need to optimize the website and bring it into a global position in search engine according to its keywords. SEO not only brings visitors to your website but also gives you business.

Goals of SEO:
·         To bring your website in top position according to specific keywords.
·         To bring more real visitors to your website.
·         To bring more online business through your website.

1.      What Search Engines Look in your Website?
Search engine always determine the ranking of your website by the given these things.

·         Content:
Content is the page title, description of the page and the text which is written inside the page.
·         Performance:
Performance is determines that how much fast is your website and how much it is taking time to load.
·         Authority:
It determines that how much enough content is there on you website with which other websites can be linked to your website or your website can be linked to other websites.
·         User Experience:
It determines that how much your website is safe for people to visit and how much people feel free to visit your website meanwhile how much they can get their required content from our website.

2.      What Search Engines Prohibits from your Website?
·         Keywords Overuse:
Search Engines can make the raking of a website down if there are a lot of keywords used rather than specific keywords.
·         Purchased Links:
Search Engines don’t like the links or visitors which are purchased. Often many users buy visitors from some websites. They should be warned that this can let their ranking down.
·         Poor User Experience:
If a website is not considered as safe for users and meanwhile users are unable to find sufficient content for them then they will never come back again. This will increase the bounce rate meanwhile they can post negative review for your website which can be dangerous for your website.

3.      Don’t Forget To Optimize For Social Media Channels:
Your keywords will get a good ranking if you will use social media channels. Without these channels, all will be in waste. These channels include
·         Facebook
·         Twitter
·         LinkedIn
·         Pinterest
·         Emails and
·         Offline Media (TV Ads etc)

4.      Domain Names:
While purchasing domain, always be careful and try to buy the just that domain which contain the basic keyword which you will have to use in SEO. Meanwhile always buy the short domains and avoid buying the lengthy domains. When you configure domain with hosting, keep it in mind that after configuration when opening the URL, it always opens with www extension. Some users don’t care about it and when anyone open their domain with www extension, sometimes it does not open.

5.      Optimizing with Different Types of Results:
Always remember that a video ranks fast than the text so you can create a rich media video and upload it on YouTube and other video sharing websites. It will give you much more visitors. Meanwhile if your website has the non-text content then optimize that content also. For example if there is a PDF file or some image or anything else then you should optimize it also as well as text.

6.      Focus on Meta Data:
Now days, meta keywords are often ignored by the search engines but if you are using them then use them in their specific format so that they can give you better optimization. Meanwhile your Meta description should be not exceeded by 150 words. It should be unique. If it is duplicate then you it will never give an even a little benefit in SEO. The Title which you are using should be maximum 6 to 8 characters.

Considering all of the above points, I hope that you can get started with SEO and can optimize the page/data in better way to get a better position.

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