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10 Basic Strategies for SEO to Get Started

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Every business needs the best strategy of SEO to get appear in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are some few tips with which you can get the best possible ranking in search engines.

  1. Monitor Your Website: You can know only about the results of your SEO efforts when you monitor your website on regularly bases. For this propose, I will recommend you to use Alexa and Google Page Rank Toolbar. 
  2. Keywords: You can describe your keywords on the bases of your website content, data (Photos etc), website title and website URL. Note that try to use the best keywords. Never over-ride the keywords and try to use minimum keywords. If you shall use much more keywords then you can be listed as spammers by search engine. So avoid to use ridiculous amounts of keywords.
  3. Link-back To Your Website: Link-backing is the best strategy to get visitors from other WebPages. It is of two types; Internal linking and external linking. In Internal Linking, you when you upload a new content, you choose the best relevant keyword to for other page which you are going to link. In external linking, you make blogs or share your posts to other websites and link your website to most appropriate keyword to link your webpage 
  4. Create a Sitemap: Creating a Sitemap is the most important for SEO of a website as it is used to ping your WebPages and content to search engines.
  5. Search Friendly URLs: Always make your website URLs friendly for search engines and they should have their related keyword in the URL. For example http://techtrape.blogspot.com/about-us/ is a user friendly page which can be easy to search in the search engine. However if this webpage would be some like http://techtrape.blogspot.com/187668/ then it is not a search friendly URL.
  6. Avoid to Use Flash Website: If the entire website is made in flash then it would be very difficult to index all the WebPages of it in the search engines. It has the main problem that you cannot link to a single page. However rather than using pure flash, you can use a little bit JQuery in the website to get results like flash.
  7. Image Description: As we know that search engines can search only the text used with images. They can not search the text used in the images so for this propose, you can use ALT text for the images. Meanwhile if you use caption text to describe your image then it will be plus valuable thing for your website.
  8. Content of Website: Always use the best and fresh content for your website. If your website is corporative and you cannot update its content then you can build a blog for your website and can then link back your website with the keywords used in the blog posts.
  9. Social Media Sharing: If you want to get more visitors for your website then don’t worry. Social Media is here o help you for this propose. Whenever you upload a new content on the blog or website, share it on the fan page or with your friends on social media websites. This will not only give you more visitors but if the content is rich then users/fan will share it with their own friends and this will go so on and hence you can get approach to worldwide if your social media profiles are active and powerful.
  10. Guest Posting/Linking with Others: Guest posting is the best strategy if you want to get links from other websites. But you will have to remember that get links from only those websites which have good reputation and their content is unique. If you will post your guest post to a website which is blacklisted then it will effect also on your website and can make its position down. Try to write unique and use only 2 links in the entire post or in the bottom of author bio.

I believe that with the above mentioned SEO strategies, you can get a good ranking in the minimum period of time whether you are SEO Expert, A Webmaster or Business Owner. I would also like to suggest that if you don’t have enough knowledge about SEO then don’t play with search engines. Just hire a good SEO Expert and take a start with him adopting the above strategies.

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