Make Every Moment of Your Life Memorable

Share Your Moments
IPhone is definitely something worth having, because 100’s of applications on iPhone can make you go simply crazy! It has unlimited apps for social media interacting, tourism, news update, camerawork, production and much more, such as;

Photosynth - Capturing Images in 3D: Photosynth is such an app, that lets you to capture the changing panoramas, it is fun to take pictures with your IOS as it also has this mode of panorama unlike for older cell phones, Photosynth has proven to be a wonderful thing to capture in 3D. It is adaptable app and is user friendly as well.

Organize Photos Using PhotoCal: Here is a new application for to arrange pictures according to the events, PhotoCal helps you organize your photographs artistically in separate folders, managing a beauty of images. It assembles the photos according to the date on which an image was taken, that is chronological arrangement of pictures can be managed easily via this app. It also helps you to remind an event that is upcoming in your calendar. So, no need to search photos in a fully loaded camera gallery.

Share Your Photos Via Instagram: Want to tag your friends in your pictures? Or if you are far away from your family, then sending photographs to them is not a problem now. As, instagram makes it leisurely for you to capture moments, edit and post it to instagram which will tag your friends who can see all your images, and delight in! Wonderful application and very easy to use.

Google Hangouts - Better Way to Share Photos: Google talk is another way of socially interacting with your friends and family. IPhone is now offered with a better voice application that is Google talk. People who are still managing to talk via instant message may find it a better application, because it can prove to be effective for daily texting. It is not like the previous unsatisfactory app of iPhone that was Google Voice. If you use iPhone, then you must have noticed that there is no particular application in your store, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy it, instead you can easily avail Google talk, and contact with your Google friends via iPhones.

Sharing Photos Via WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a helpful application in Nokia mobiles, androids, and smart phones as well as in iPhones. You can talk to whomever you want, without thinking about the charges. It’s absolutely free to talk with your friends, family, colleagues etc. without caring about where they live. WhatsApp provides you to even share pictures, videos, recordings, or audio messages with anyone entirely free of cost, it definitely sounds amazing as you can generously talk longer, in any way you want. You just need to have a Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

Installing these apps will surely make your all moments enjoyable and shareable with your family and friends. So why not you try any of these apps and enjoy communicating, gossiping and networking with friends and family!

How Social Media Supports Market Analysis

Social Media
Nobody can deny the importance of social media in life. You will hardly find anyone who is not familiar with social media. It also supports different fields such as, politics, business, education etc. along with all this web industry has really helped in marketing researches and analysis.

The Importance of Marketing Analysis: Marketing research is the highly paid profession in the whole world. This shows it’s important for any business and marketing activity. Marketing research is a systematic procedure to collect the customer feedback for any business. This feedback is useful for many purposes for instance, analyzing the exact needs of the customers, developing new product, re positioning the old product and many more. There are different ways and processes conducted by any researcher for getting proper feedback from the potential buyers. Any business owner can hire an external researcher or internal researcher for conducting the procedure of research. There are different tools for conducting the research online or through social networking sites.

Computer Assisted Questionnaire: Questionnaires are always very important for any research because they provide authentic and brief information which is required. For conducting research online computer assisted questionnaires are very useful. You can select the sample from the population depending on your particular criteria. Then you can share your questionnaire openly on social networking site and any random subject can fill it. And you can also send it individually to every subject in order to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the subject.

There are many different ways of conducting the computer assisted questionnaires. These ways includes the email questionnaires, social site questionnaires and many more. You can collect all desired feedback from the users of social networking sites then you can prepare the report according to the collected feedback.

Online Interviews from Customers: When a researcher has to collect detailed information about any particular aspect online interviews are very essential. Interviewing is another tool of researching and it is used when researcher wants detailed information and knowledge about the market. It is practically not possible to take random sample from the population to gather required information about the problem statement. So, a researcher usually selects subjects to get required information about the problem statement. A subject is selected according to the criteria established by researchers.

Blogs Commenting: A researcher can also get feedback from the comments of the customer on the blog posts. The blogs are posted by many technicians on the official website. These blogs contains the information and reviews of the product and the web masters give answers to different questions asked by different visitors. A researcher selects the authenticate feedback from the customer with the help of blog comments.

Marketing analysis is most popular and important profession globally. It gives answers to many upcoming problems for many companies. Many companies do marketing research regularly with the help of social media. As it is the easiest and quickest way of analyzing the market trends and requirements for the company.

Microsoft Lumia 820 versus Microsoft Lumia 620! Who Will Win The Race?

Microsoft has been coming up with funky ideas to compete in the modern world market for customers and so, they have brought its customers the amazing Microsoft Lumia 620 and Microsoft Lumia 820! Both of them came in the market one after the other but what does one has a preference over the other?

Physical Competition: Lumia 820 has a width of 9.9 mm while 620 has a 11mm width making 820 much thinner than 620. 820 has a gyroscope, a device that is used to maintain or measure the orientation of the device which is useful in gaming applications etc but 620 plus these feature. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) gives the amount of radio frequency that passes through a human body.820 has a 0.79 W/kg SAR and 620 has 0.84 W/kg SAR. That means 820 emits 0.5 W/kg SAR than 620 and is friendlier for human health. 820 has a smaller semi conductor size than 620 indicating that the technology used in making 820’s chips is newer than that of 620. 620 is about 8.4 mm shorter than 820 it is 33 g lighter in weight with 620’s weight being 127 g and 820’s 160 g. 620 is 7.4 mm narrower than 820.

Display: Lumia 820 has a screen size of 4.3 inches with 620’s screen size being 3.8 inches. This makes 820 more appealing in comparison to 620 when it comes to better and larger viewing. 620 has a better image view as it has more pixels and sub pixels than 820. 620 has 246 ppi pixels with 820 having only 217 ppi which makes Lumia 620 give more crispier image than Lumia 820.

Memory, Camera and CPU: Lumia 820 has a RAM of 1 GB while 620 has a RAM of only 512 MB, giving 820 an upper hand. B20 has faster CPU speed as it has 1.5 GHz while 620 has only 1 GHz. Lumia 820 has a manual exposure system that allows the user to manually set the exposure settings. It has a flash system with dual LEDs that give a brighter flash. During movie or video recording, auto focus feature ensures that the resulting video has a clear and sharp output. Lumia 820 comes with 8 Mega Pixels while Lumia 620 has a camera of only 5 MP. The lenses used in 820 are branded while Lumia 620 does not have branded lenses and the movie recording is better in 820 than 620.

Other Features: Lumia 820 can be wirelessly charged like electronic toothbrushes and it has more battery life than Lumia 620. 820 has better and faster downloading speed. 820 has a download speed of 100 MBits/s with 620 only having a speed of 21 MBits/s. even their uploading speed has a difference with 820 being 8.68 times faster than 620. 820 has a newer Bluetooth version which is 3.1 with 620’s 3.0 and 820 has a radio while 620 does not. So, 820 beats 620 in every aspect.

How Does Social Media Affect Our Culture?

Social Media Affect
Culture is differentiated according to many factors such as, religion, belief, geographic location and social values. Social media has great influence on society and it do leave some impacts on the all these cultural factors. Many old cultures are regained due to social interactions and many new ones are even stronger due to social connectivity.

Social Group: Social group is a group that you are surrounded with. They make some social values which are obligated by a person to follow; there are social groups in every society of any a culture. Social networking and social sites have influenced social groups in great way. As they moments of interactions are huge. Every photo, share or thought is witnessed by at least one person of the social group. Now, decisions are made by considering the impact on social groups. On the other hand people do not care of social groups. They have their own lives and their own rules. But even then they cannot avoid stalking. The profiles, photos and statuses are seen by everyone. The interactions within friends and family make life easier. There are many lost traditions became alive due to excessive amount of social interactions. People show their love and emotional attachments to many traditions and cultural values.

Religion: Religious values are also affected by social networking. There are many religions in the whole world. Christianity is the biggest religion followed by millions of people. Social networking has made people aware of all the beliefs and thoughts which were forgotten before. Now, people enjoy thanksgiving with full spirit send wishes to all relatives across the globe surely it was not impossible before social networking because calls were so expensive. Social networking has joined lost strings of religion. If I talk about Muslims then social networking has influenced many religious activities like it is easier to know the truth of basic Muslim principles easily by social networking.

Daily Routine: Daily routine is an important of culture because we made society which makes rules that become culture. Without updating a status or checking the wall you cannot go to sleep. Social networking is very common in urban areas and now it is also gaining popularity in rural areas. People love to share photos and every event with their friends no matter where they live. Instead of missing someone you can do video chat which feels like you are living under the same roof. Isolation is finished everybody is connected with their friends and family all the time. Not just connectivity internet has changed the trends of shopping. You can buy a hair pin to airplane while sitting on your coach. All deals are done online no need to spend on conveyance for shopping. You can meet stake holders if you are business owner through social sites.

All these are important of culture and social media has changed a lot of things in these parts which on the whole affected the culture. Some people might say that social sites have negative impacts but, they also use the help of social networking to tell their point.

What is the Importance of Mobile Apps for Professionals?

Apps for Professionals
Mobile apps are gaining fame with every passing day. It has become one of the main selling points of smartphones. People are looking for newer apps and enjoy exploring app stores from their phones. For professionals of cheap dissertation writing service, mobile apps can come in handy too especially those professionals who have time constraints. Mobile apps provide immediate help by the tap of an icon. In the busy world of today it is not a surprise that mobile apps are gaining so much popularity.

GPS App: This fast and versatile navigation system by Google is a life saver for professionals and people in general. By typing in the address it takes the user directly to the required place. Since it is regularly being updated, all addresses and streets are always easily located on the map.

Information: With just one click, professionals can get all the information they need from the palm of their hand. Imagine that! They can access websites, addresses, contact details, etc. right where they are.

Texting App: Easy texting apps have made life a lot easier for people who are always on the go. Professionals can now get in touch with other people for work related conversations through free texting facilities. They can be in touch at all times and don’t have to depend on laptop and internet connection.

Social Networking: Smartphone apps have also brought people closer to one another through social networking apps. Professionals can share their work, even get hired sometimes, through social network. They can market themselves or their products, if they run private business, via this mobile platform.

Voice Recording: Some professionals need to record important information but their extremely hectic schedule does not allow them to sit in one place. They can make great use of the voice recording app on their smartphones. It can also be used by doctors, lawyers, etc. to record their findings for reviewing the case later.

Scanner App: For people who need to scan essential documents and send immediately, this app is their all-time best friend. They can scan documents even if they are travelling or don’t have a scanner nearby. The documents are scanned just like a regular scanner and is saved as a PDF file. Professionals can attach the file in their email and send it to the relevant person just by using this smartphone app.

Special Offers: The app holders get special offers that users can take advantage of. Sometimes if the app is not free, its price may be reduced for the users so they can get it easily.

Loyalty Rewards: Some apps give users loyalty rewards if they create a social buzz and share the information with friends.

Technology has gone mobile and people prefer to get information fast and on the go. Many developers have been involved in developing new applications. They don’t have time to find a computer and internet to get information. This has made the smartphone business to sky rocket. Everyday smartphone manufacturers are making millions of phones and the market is still running strong, thanks to the mobile phone and application giants Apple and Android.

Main Idea Behind Developing New Applications for Students

Applications for Students
Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with better and newer apps on a regular basis to attract customers. Their main target is the student community who is mostly interested in fresh and modern changes. There are so many study apps out there, that students can choose according to their needs and requirements. Some of these apps can also be used to hire cheap dissertation writing services. At first when smartphones started getting fame in the consumer market, people were not fully aware of all the benefits it could bring to the public. Regular innovations in apps have bound their customers to get better and smarter phones with latest features and functions.

Students are more aggressively going towards the use of smartphones as it provides great advantages in their learning. There is a proliferation of exciting apps that help students in many ways. Some of the latest apps in smartphones that are gaining popularity in students are:

Exam Vocabulary Builder: This app is used by over 6 million users to improve their vocabulary and get better at English comprehension and writing. Users can learn through fun and engaging ways like flash cards and quizzes for maximum retention of words. Good vocabulary is beneficial for many academic purposes like successfully passing TOEFL exams and other similar assessments.

Dictionary App: This app doesn’t sound as wonderful as it actually is. Students only realize its importance when they get stuck with a word and need immediate help. It is often hard to get access to internet and due to time restrictions sometimes students may require instant assistance with the meaning, then this app comes in handy.

Skype: Previously thought to be used as just a means of communication by using features of smartphone, this app is great for study groups and transferring of files. Students are regularly using this app and its periodic updates are bringing positive benefits each time.

Dragon Dictation: This app is perfect for those students whose fingers are sore of typing for assignments or who struggle at typing altogether. They can simply start talking and the app converts their voice into text. It is like giving dictation to the device and getting the typing job done without any effort.

Flash Card+ App: This app is not like any other flashcard app. It is made by Connor Zwick who is a Harvard graduate. He came up with ingeniously designed flashcard system which was taken up by Apple and is used widely by students all over the world. It currently has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Quizlet App: Myriads of students are using this app to make study guides and flashcards which help them stay organized and focus better. There are many templates already made by high school students but if students can’t find the subject they are looking for; they can always make their own flashcard study sets. Students can also use images and audios in this app.

So after discussing some of the famous apps used by students, we can justifiably say that the main idea behind developing new and better applications, smartphone manufacturers are constantly striving to help users get all possible benefits. Especially, the student community who are regularly on the look-out for newer apps, are getting the full thrust of technology and they are not shying away in using them to their advantage.

Be Aware of Latest Google Algorithms Update

It is very important to stay tuned to latest information in any field and when it comes to latest Google update algorithm it indeed becomes obligatory. What are algorithms? Algorithms are basically the computer programs that give you an idea and clue that what do you want to do as individual. The algorithms are the processes that take up the questions and change them into answers. There are more than 200 unique signals on which Google’s algorithms rely on and give clue that helps you to get what you are exactly looking for. What we can say that these signals include many things like different terms on websites, the content whether it is old or new and the region from where website is being operated as well the page rank.

If we talk about the year 2014 it has remarkably well when we talk about the Google’s updates. Major changes we brought by Google in its famous updates like further releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird reaching to some other heights and we saw a major change and shift away from the keywords data approach.

PageRank is also an algorithm that is being used by Google search rank website in their result against the search that is being made. If you want to measure the PageRank, it is the perfect way to measure the importance of website pages. In order to measure the importance of a website it works by counting the number and quality of links and that determines the rough estimate of a website’s importance. There is another very important point and that is we can see a change each year when it comes to Google’s algorithm and it is done by Google 500 to 600 times. These changes are not considered very big but they are occasionally which is considered as the major algorithm update. We can quote the example of Google Panda and Google Penguin that affects the results in a significant manner.

It is very important for marketing agents to stay updates with such updates and know the dates when the Google update was being done? Why it is important to stay tuned to all these updates? Because it will help you to explain the changes in ranking and organic website traffic and thus you can adopt the different approaches for improving the search engine optimization. You can find all the updates information on websites as well it is not that difficult to keep an eye on such updates as internet is full of such information. There are many famous updates that Google has done up till now and it has a long history as well. It is very important for the search marketers to know about all these updates and then work accordingly to update their links as well to improve the ranking of their website.

Few of the famous updates are Google Hummingbird, Google Panda update, Google Penguin updates, Google Pigeon update, Google Payday update, Google Pirate update, Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update and Google Top Heavy update. It is said that Penguin and Panda algorithms still require the manual data pushes because otherwise it is not possible to achieve the desired results. If we talk about the Google Penguin update it was launched in April 2012 to catch the sites which spam the search results and especially those which do so by buying the links and getting them through the different network links so that Google boosting could be improved.

There are some advantages of all these updates that if you are known to them you can modify your own processes to achieve the better results. The good content strategy is also very helpful for optimization of your website. If you target your audience by content you will have to have the unique content that is being updates on regular basis. You have to get engaged on social networking sites and this will enhance your market area and moreover it is essential to have freshness which will convey a very impressive message and that is due to the fact you have fresh signs on your website which means your site is growing.

You can also increase the authority that is connected to your network and other many similar Search engine optimization approaches as per the Google’s recent updates that have designed for this purpose particularly. What changes you made in response to the Google update will determine your future ranking of your website.

Basic Features which Make a Smartphone a Must Have

Smartphone Features
Everyone wants to own the best smartphone regardless of its price and model. No one wants to use a set which does not serve its purpose well and makes using it a real pleasure. No matter in which part of the world we are living, we see people using the finest phones and models which have everything from a big screen size to great resolution, a smart and tech savvy camera with astonishing features with featured apps like cheap dissertation writing services which are used to hire professional writers and a long battery life which just never ends along with numerous other features.

However, more than anything else, the users need to make sure that their smartphone has the right hardware and specifications which ensure good and long term usage. Smartphones are not only necessary to look good in one’s hand but they also need to serve the users most capably. However, with so many models being introduced in the market, users can have a tough time to make the best selection especially when it is students and young people who have no idea what to look for in a smartphone and which features it should must have. This article highlights some of the basic features of smartphones which are a must have for selecting the right mode.

Good Screen Size: A big screen is very necessary when it comes to buying a smartphone like Apple iPhone 7, it is because this is one of the most important feature which determines the price and quality of a new device. The older phones were small and petite and they had small screens but these days, smartphones are all about screens and having a good screen size is a must if users want to enjoy a great gaming experience along with best quality pictures and videos. There are some really great smartphones available in the market which have screens ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches that make using these devices a great pleasure and a must have.

Camera Quality: These days having a smart camera for high quality pictures is a must. Selfies are the rage and everyone wants to have the best flick and great memories with a great camera. Thus, buying a smartphone is all about having a good quality camera and users must make sure they check out the camera specifications before they actually pay for a device.

Battery Life: Battery life is very important when it comes to buying a great smartphone like Apple iPad which has all the necessary features. If the device does not have a good battery life, it is of no use to users no matter how expensive or cheap it is and what other qualities it has. Users need to make sure that they purchase a smartphone which has smart charging options like wireless charging as well as USB charging option to facilitate a good battery life for a long time. All these are some of the basic and the most important features that make a smartphone a must have for users at all times.

Apple iPads - Man’s Best Friend in this World of Technology

Apple iPads
Apple iPad are very popular due to their advanced features, utility and the great user experience they offer. As Apple was one of the first companies to make its mark in the world of technology and introduce gadgets like iPhone and iPad, even now that so much time has passed and so many new gadgets have been introduced to provide best learning environment to learn English speaking, apple still tops the list of best devices to be ever introduced in the market.

With these iPad, Apple has made a distinctive identify for itself and these devices attract thousands of consumers every month to their attractive and sleek designs and remarkable features. The interface of these iPads is just the same as that of iPhone and the iPad touch. The only difference among them is that of a bigger screen and iPad offers a big screen with a great value for money.

The Apple iPad comes with a big 9.7 inch multi touch screen that offers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels to make gaming and movie watching a real pleasure for users. The users can not only play a variety of games on their device but also watch HD movies which just feel like as if they are watching it on a TV or a bigger screen. The image quality is simply marvellous which makes viewing movies, pictures and gaming an altogether different experience as compared to any other device in the market.

Not only this, but this large screen also helps to bring families and friends closer who are living in different parts of the world and rely on technology to connect them with help of various chatting and video calling software. In addition to this, reading emails, composing emails and using browsers to hire dissertation writing services is also very easy and convenient on this 9.7 touch screen which can rotate to fit the needs of the users and it can be used as a book for reading too with the right brightness and color contrasts to relieve the eyes.

The best thing about this device is that it has become man’s best friend since it was launched as it helps its users in every way. Whether it is being used by a businessman or a housewife, it has been manufactured with a variety of specifications which are meant for the right users. It is available with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB fitted memory which provides users great storage capacity to store their favorite music, videos and other personal and business files. Even though the price increases with the storage capacity, yet it is easy for users to make the right choice depending on their needs.

Its numerous other features include MP3 player that supports various file formats AIFF, MP3, WAV, H264, MPEG4 without converting the files or installing nay new programs in best way to distraction. In addition to it, the Bluetooth connectivity software enables users to share their data with others without any problem. All these amazing and incredible features make Apple iPad a man’s best friend in this world of technology where everything is possible with just a few clicks and swipes of a finger.

Smartphones - A Great New Way to Distraction

Smartphones are the rage these days with every second person owning at least one handset which is able to help the users perform almost every task with just a few swipes of a finger even when you are a professional dissertation writing services. No doubt, smartphone has been a great invention of this century and it has changed the way people communicated with each other and remained it touch. Not only on personal front, but also on official front, the smartphones have made it easy for people to work in harmony and stay connected even when they are sitting thousands of miles away.

But it should be also be mentioned here that while smartphones have brought people a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities, it has also opened doors of distractions for them. now people are more busy than ever but still, they have time to play a short game on their smartphone , text someone and even check out what is happening on the Facebook or twitter front, all while they are busy in their classes, homes and offices which proves how many distractions these smartphones have introduced in our lives.

However, while these smartphones have brought people close virtually, they have driven then apart socially. It has been commonly observed that if four people are sitting and eating on a dinner table, all four of them are busy on their smartphones; while they have time for their Facebook and twitter friends, they do not have time for their family members who are sitting next to them.

In the same way, students have become more distracted than even by using these smartphones for all the wrong reasons instead of making the most of them for the right causes. Most of the students are seen either chatting to their friends on their devices, forwarding or receiving videos and picture and remain engaged in activities that eventually cost them their good marks. Research says that the concentration of students has dropped several percent as they continue to use their smartphone or think about the messages they are receiving while they are not checking out their phones which is very alarming as it is only leading them to distraction and nothing else.

In most of the cases, it has been found out that students are unable to work on their assignments like dissertations and thesis just because they were unable to make time from their smartphone usage and whenever they sat to work, their phones beeped and they were unable to resist the temptation to check what message they had received.

In the same way, executives are also being distracted by their smartphones and the new applications they offer. Most of the people prefer to play games and these games are a big distraction as they are always looking for a chance to play a little bit more as compared to focusing on the tasks at hand. While there is no doubt regarding the advantages and benefits of smartphones, users need to understand how distracting their great features and can be and what they need to do in this regard.

The Advantages of Smartphones in Relation to Other Devices

Within the last few years, there has been a real growth in the smartphone industry and almost every other month, a newer and better version is introduced by some company which makes it way to the consumers. Not only the people can make calls and download educational apps to learn to speak English, but they can remain connected to the social networking platforms, watch movies and surf the internet on these pocket tablets or computers and do anything they want from checking their emails to the stock market trends and enjoy some really entertaining features, all on their handheld devices.

Now smartphones have turned mobile phones into something much bigger and better, entertainment and work ability all rolled into one and these smartphones have changed the way people use their phones. It would not be wrong to say that these new gadgets have taken over the market and become much more importance than any other device currently. This article discusses some very apparent advantages of smartphones in relation to other devices and how these smartphones are helping people all over the world.

Bigger and Better Size: While in the past, the mobile phones were small and it sometimes because a hassle to read the messages or other details, smartphone offers big screens, up till 6 inches and the users can view everything in a bigger and better way. Whether it is to check emails, view pictures or play games, bigger screens are very ‘in’ and every new model is coming up with better screen size which makes it a great pleasure to own these sets. Being bigger in size, these phones also offer great storage capacity and they become mini computers; the users can store as much personal and official data they want without fearing for the space.

Great New Technology: Smartphones are great technological devices that have all the latest equipment to deal with the users’ needs. Whether it is to play the best game, check out their emails even when they are traveling, talking on the latest chat software which are absolutely free of cost or even watching a movie or finding their way through satellite system, these smartphones have made the best use of advanced technology and offer users unique and multifaceted experience which is unbeatable.

Connectivity: Users can stay connected with their smartphones either by inserting a SIM provided by some telecommunications provider or with help of the numerous paid and free applications offered by numerous technologies. The users just need a phone network or a WiFi connection to stay connected with their friends and family no matter in which part of the world they are.

Whether they need to connect with their customers and work or making their business progress, learning how to write an academic essay with educational apps and grow or whether it is to stay connected with their family and friends, smartphones provide the best connectivity options. With the great options and features they offers, no doubt smartphones are here to stay and with passage of time and better technology, they will keep on growing and offering better gadgets to users.

Important Things to Consider for Buying a Smartphone

When smartphones were not prevalent in the society, it was pretty tough to connect with people until you were in a place where you have internet connection and computer. But now you can easily stay on top of things because of smartphones. There several companies that make smartphones and offer attractive deals on them. The challenge is to choose the one that best suits your need and budget. Here are some tips to consider when buying a smartphone.

Exterior Quality: When you are thinking of investing in a smartphone for daily use like writing assignments, i.e. at work as well as at home, then you must go for good quality even if it costs a bit more. If you are buying it for domestic use only, then many features can be overlooked if you are getting a decent phone at fewer prices.

When it comes to quality, you should look for the construction of its body. Some smartphones’ body is made of plastic which makes it less durable whereas the ones that have metal exterior are definitely of high durability and quality. Plastic phones are less expensive than metal ones. So if you are buying it for work and home use then you should go for the metal body. Screen size is also a very important feature to consider when buying a smartphone. A 5.5-inch screen is noticeably better than a 4 inch. But again it depends on the purpose of your purchase.

Functionality: Next comes the functionality of the smartphones and Operating System is the first thing that comes to mind in this category. It is an important feature which significantly affects the performance of the phone. Therefore, when buying a smartphone make sure you look for a good operating system that is user friendly.

Apple smartphone has its own operating system called iOS which is very good in performance but it is made just for Apple’s products. Google’s operating system is called Android and is considered as one of the best OS these days. There are many reputable companies that are making smartphones with Android OS, such as, Samsung, Google Nexus 5, LG Optimus G Pro, etc. Microsoft Windows OS is also gaining some popularity in the consumer market because of its user friendly characteristics.

Applications: Another important aspect in phones is the number of apps you can get on it. For example, Apple’s app store offers around 300,000 apps that users can choose from. Android has somewhere around 250,000 apps to choose from. The more apps a company offers the more choices users have. You can see if this feature is important for you to consider.

Memory: All basic smartphones come with a built-in memory of 16GB. Some have an option to upgrade the memory by buying extra storage as the phones have separate slots for this purpose. But, some phones, like Apple don’t have separate compartment for extra memory cards. You need to decide upfront how much memory is good enough for you if going for Apple phones. The latest Apple iPhones come in three different memory packages of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Camera Picture Quality: This feature is totally based upon its usage and requirement. If you are a shutterfly, then the MP and ppi will matter a lot. Otherwise mostly all good quality smartphones come with an 8MP camera at a reasonably good ppi for resolution.

Wireless Connectivity: Some people are also very keen on 3G or 4G wireless connectivity option. You can compare and see which one best suits your need. These are the basic features to consider when you are buying a smartphone. Do your research properly and prioritize which functions are most important for you to have.

What’s Better - WhatsApp or Viber for Android

Ever since the android technology has been launched and smartphones have made their way to the world, the fight between Viber and WhatsApp is on. Even though both these applications might not be fighting among themselves, yet the people using them are always talking about these two applications and are arguing about the superiority of one application over another as its use has been increase over different service provider companies like The Academic Papers. While some are of the belief that Viber is better, others are in favor of WhatsApp and belief it to be the best means of staying connected with their friends and family.

It would not be wrong to say that messaging is rule the world of technology for almost a decade now and seeing the growth of this industry, it can be rightly said that it does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. With the launch of Viber, WhatsApp and numerous other apps, people have now better and newer means to send text messages, share photos and files with people located in different parts of the world via these text messaging apps.

Both Viber and WhatsApp allow users to send text, images and videos and it has been reported that WhatsApp has a monthly active user base of 800 million, whereas Viber has a user base of 500 million. Both the apps have almost the same features but the voice calling feature of Viber is more popular for its excellent voice quality. On the other hand, WhatsApp voice calling feature is only available for Android users and the developers are working on it to fix the problems this app is facing.

When we talk about WhatsApp, it is important to know that users can only add maximum 30 members in a group chat whereas Viber allows a group chat with 39 members at a time. However, both these apps offer some great emojis that can be used to express their feelings and emotions very aptly. WhatsApp is very popular for its lightweight, simple user interface and fast service and the user interface is still the same and simple even after the app introduced the voice calling option. There are only three tabs, one for call, one for chat and the last one for contacts which makes it really easy to understand and use.

However, Viber has several value added services along with voice calling and messaging and thus, its user interface has a sophisticated look. The range of emojis as well as stickers is really huge and the users can also buy emojis and stickers if they want to.

There are no ads to disturb the users while they are using the app in WhatsApp but users are often bugged by adds in Viber. Viber can be used on all platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and even desktop computers but WhatsApp supports only some major mobile platforms such as Android and Windows which somehow limits its user experience. On the whole, both these apps are just great and offer users a chance to connect with people all over the world with just a few swipes.

How Smartphones Make Smart Businessmen

Business Smartphone
Smartphones are the need of the day and no matter how big or small a business is, businessmen seek their help to stay connected and run their business more efficiently. These days it is information technology that controls everything and makes things flow more smoothly especially information for essay writing service providers and data which provide them an insight to the present and future market trends and do well.

Within the past few years, a large number of smartphones have been launched in the market and most of them have been launched with the intent of helping businessmen progress and develop in a much better way. These smartphones are not only portable and can clearly perform a multitude of functions at one time, but they are also a great replacement to laptops, PDA and a PC when needed. These are devices which work much faster and better than average phones and are not only more convenient and effective to use but also provide a great user experience. This article discusses how smartphones make smart businessmen and how they facilitate businessmen in running their enterprise more efficiently.

There are certain features of a good smartphone and it is up to the businessmen to choose a phone which suits their work needs to connect with customers. There might be some businessmen who need to stay in touch with their business emails to work the right way while there might be others who just need to check out the stock market trends to run their enterprise. These days the most popular mobile are the open-source ones like Android from Google and Symbian from Nokia, while there are the closed source operating systems like bada from Samsung, BlackBerry OS from BlackBerry, iOS from Apple and Windows Phone from Microsoft and all have various functions which help them perform better.

Smartphones make smart businessmen as they are easy to carry and operate even in the most difficult and tiring of times. These smartphones as well as the tablets are short and light enough to be carried in a bag, short or coat and they can be operated even with one hand while one is traveling. Not only the size is small but the display is brilliant too with an easy to navigate touchscreen and auto rotation which makes it easy for them to check out things in the right way as they should be viewed. The businessmen can not only open files and documents on their phones but they can also remain connected with their enterprise.

Not only these devices are good on their own but they also help businessmen with better connectivity as they come with basic to high-end connectivity solutions like USB ports, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and even WiFi which make it easy for businessmen to address all their official as well as personal needs and share their stuff with co-workers. Technology is beyond our thinking and maybe we may see the latest upcoming Apple iPhone 7 in the market soon which will the boss of all existing smart phones.

With help of smartphones, the businessmen can use applications for accessing and managing web, email, calendars, documents, spreadsheet as well as for chatting and use social networks and keep themselves organized and up-to-date with the best apps.