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Why Students Cheat During Their Exams

Why Students Cheat
Cheating is a common problem among students and many students cheap during their exams for numerous reasons. While some say that they do not know how to work on their papers and this is the reason they cheat, there are others who say that they like to help their students and this is the main reason behind their cheating and there are many others for whom this is just fun. All these cases might have different reasons but the end result is the same, they cheat and this is something that is not acceptable to teachers or the academic institutes because it eventually leads to the bad habit of cheating in life too. The Academic Papers UK, a top dissertation writing services UK will highlight some of things that cause students to cheat in their exams.

If a student cheats habitually then this means that this will go a long way unless he or she is totally cured of it. No matter in which part of the world students live or study, it is necessary for them to make sure that they take their studies and educational careers very seriously and do not cheat because it harms them two ways. Firstly they are not recognized for their good work and efforts but they will always be doubted and teachers will always be in doubt if they have worked on their own or cheated in any way; secondly it will give them the bad habit of using unfair means and this can create problems for them in the long run.

There are students who cheat because they do not get the right information or the knowledge from their teachers or parents to know what is necessary. This begins at an early age and lasts till the later or mature ages and becomes very tough to get rid of. There are other students who do it for fun with their class fellows and once they are out of the academic phase, this also passes because they are done with it and have no reason to cheat. However, in both these cases, the students are accused of cheating and if they are caught, the consequences are not good for them.

Students cheat during their exams and assessments because they have not prepared the right way for what is about to come up. This is a big problem for students when they do not know how they should answer the questions that will come in the exams and they do not want to fail and repeat their class or face embarrassment in front of their teachers, fellow students and parents.

Students also resort to cheating because they waste their time during other things instead of working hard and focusing on what their teachers were telling them in the class. This is the lamest excuse that so many students present that they were not interested in the subject or found it too tough and as a result they had to cheat because they had no other choice. There are difference reasons as to why students cheat and they try to cover their shortcomings by using these reasons.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

What is Effect of a Responsive Website Design on SEO

Responsive Website Design
A responsive website design mains that when website is opened on any device whether it be laptop, desktop, iPhone, smartphone or featured phone, it automatically adjust its width and height with screen ratio of that system. It has positive effect on every business because no matter which platform customers use to access website, it is accessible on all platforms without losing a single feature. In other way, you can say that a responsive website can provide you business leads that can have positive effect in your business growth. Having a service of web designing in Pakistan, can make you able to get top quality solutions for website design. This article will explore some tips that will help you to understand how a responsive website can have positive impact on SEO.

Accessibility: Due to its resizeable feature, a responsive website design can be accessible from every platform that is taken as positive ranking factor in SEO. According to different SEO experts, Google likes only those websites that people or visitors want to see. It does not like those websites where visitors face different browsing issues. Similarly a responsive design means that you will have option to direct your all customers to only single version of website rather than redirecting your customers or visitors to different versions of your website. Due to its single version, you will be able to manage your website properly.

Duplication Issues: When you have two versions of your website, you will have same content on two different versions of your website that can violate Google recommendations for content. Google suggests never to use duplicate content. However if you have two versions of mobile and desktop for your website then for both versions content will be same that can create a serious problem for you. Having a responsive design means that you will not have need to use separate versions of your website that means you will not have to face any content duplication. This is why your website SEO will move in positive way.

Linkbuilding: When you will be using responsive website design, you will not have to be worries about building links for two different versions of your website. In case if you have two different versions then that means you will have to build backlinks for both of versions. However in case of having responsive website design, you will have to build links only for your main website that will work for both mobile and desktop versions. So your linkbuilding effort will be less and you will be able to get benefits of both desktop SEO and mobile SEO. In addition, you will be able to build backlinks for both types.

Conclusion: Considering all these three facts, we come to know easily that responsive designs are need of time and every business should adopt these designs. Having a responsive design itself is a positive ranking signal for search engine optimization so you will not have to face any issues while working on SEO of your responsive website.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

3 Tips To Optimize The Performance Of Your Site

Optimize Website Performance
Increasingly, you hear of web performance criterion as positioning on the search engines. This factor includes several indicators that enable Google crawlers to judge whether your site is quick and associate with other factors to determine the positions of your pages. There are several factors that impact the sites performance. We deal here with the main 3: images, caching and content delivery network (CDN).

Why Is Load Time Important?
To optimize resources, the Google robots spend a limited time on each page, it's called a crawl budget . More pages are optimized, the more they are quick to load and better Google will the crawler. One of the keys to make sure the pages of your site to be indexed and visited by Google is to present as soon as possible to Google crawlers.

Optimize Images:
The images represent the first factor influencing the websites loading time. Many sites neglect this essential aspect for seo services in Lahore and merely insert images without any optimization. It is not uncommon to see people upload photos directly from their digital cameras on their sites, even if they weigh several megabytes. Yet there are simple tips to fix it.

How To Optimize Images?
There are several tools and methods that allow you to optimize images. The first tip is to "save images for the Web" when you create visuals with Photoshop. This will automatically optimize and adapt them to the Web. There are also online tools for example to remove all the unnecessary data that heavier weight pictures.

What Is The Cache?
You have the option to store client-side static elements of your pages. For example: the logo. This reduces the number of server requests to view your pages. The principle is simple. When you first visit the page, the static files are stored on the computer of the user. On the next visit, the page appears almost instantaneously as there are fewer requests to perform on the server. This is a powerful way to optimize the loading time.

How To Set Up The Browser Cache System?
If your site is running a CMS like WordPress, there are several extensions to create a caching system: W3 Total Cache and WP rocket by examples. If your site was created with a home language. Contact your webmaster to perform the operation.

Using a CDN:
CDN: Content Delivery Network is another important parameter that is not sufficiently used by the sites. The operation of CDN is: instead of loading all the elements of a page from a single server, it passes through a network of servers located in many data centers worldwide. Why ? More the user is away from the server over the charging time will be long. Through several servers, CDN can deliver cached pages or from the closest visitors servers. Your static content is available on up to place worldwide. CDN: Content Delivery Network is another important parameter that is not sufficiently used by the sites.

The operation of CDN is: instead of loading all the elements of a page from a single server, it passes through a network of servers located in many data centers worldwide. Why ? More the user is away from the server over the charging time will be long. Through several servers, CDN can deliver cached pages or from the closest visitors servers. Your static content is available on up to place worldwide.

With these three tips, you are sure to optimize the performance of your site . Other techniques can be implemented to go further in the optimization: Server cache, CSS sprites, etc. But if you implement those we have discussed in this article, you've already done most of the work.

Friday, November 4, 2016

How to Balance Daily College Routine and Normal Life

Balance Daily College Routine
Students face a lot of trouble in balancing their daily college life as well as their normal life because sometimes they do not know to how to manage things the right way in order to succeed in their class. There are times when they get too involved in their college life and it begins to affect their normal while at other times, they become so focused on their daily activities that they start ignoring their college life. Both these conditions are not good and can cause problems in their life.

It becomes necessary for students to make sure that they learn how to balance things the right way so that they are able to focus on their education as well as their personal life the right way and succeed in the long run. This article is a guide for students as it helps them balance their daily college life along with the normal and routine life. The first and the most important thing for students to do when it comes to putting a balance between their college as well as normal life is that they must allocate some hours to study after they are done with their lectures.

The day is long enough for them to have some free time in which they can go through whatever they have learned in the class for that day or study for the lectures they will be doing the other day. This is a great way for them to keep an eye on what they are doing in their class and how they can be ready for assessment all the time. Students can balance their daily academic life with normal life by giving enough time to their family and studies.

When they do not have to write assignments or have pending assessments, they can give a few hours to their family and even go on outings during the weekends when the academic load is manageable. It is up to the students to make sure that they know what is important for them at a given time and how they can deal with their problems the best way. Students need to know that they must learn how to give adequate time to everything that is important for them. They might have to make a schedule for this or they might take whatever is important at a given time.

Sometimes, they might have free time on their hand and sometimes, they will not get any free day so that they should to take it all in stride and work the best way. The best thing to do in order to balance their college and personal life is for them to make schedules and stick to them. Sometimes making schedules is the best and they can follow them regularly and avoid any hassle that occurs when they miss out. Students must understand that they must give important to their studies when it is time for their assessment as this is the only way to succeed in their class.

Author Bio:
Sheraz is a social critic and associated with a dissertation writing services provider company. He loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly. He is a computer graduate. However due to his interest in writing and sharing thoughts with others, he writes articles for different blogs.

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Indians got addicted to smart phones – says Deloitte

Indians got addicted to smart phones – says Deloitte

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and other social networks, have gathered the attention of many people. It has become the habit of many people to check their smart phones every morning as soon as they wake up, and the last thing which they see before going to sleep. These smart phones and the social media, has changed the lives of many people. A professional services firm
 Deloitte, conducted a survey, to check the usage of mobile apps. The results of the Deloitte’s mobile consumer survey 2015 are as follows.
Nearly, 78% of people who own their smart phone, check the mobile within 15 minutes after waking up, 52% of people said that, they will check their smart phone before five minutes of going to sleep. 

The research founded that, people first check the WhatsApp and the other social media related apps and then they check their mails and SMS. This shows how social media have attracted the users across the globe.
The survey checked the mobile usage habits of around 49000 people from 30 countries, in which, 2000 people Indians. In the survey, it was found that,86% of people own the smart phones in 2015, which is 12% higher than 2013. In the survey about 28% of people said that they will check their mobile phone for 11-25 times a day, about 22% of people said that they will use their device for 26-50 times a day and 17% of people said that they will use their device for 51-100 times a day.

Rise of e-Commerce

From this survey, it is clear that, the smart phone usage has interrupted in almost all the activities of the mankind. So the telecom sectors have to improve their services, in order to meet the customer requirements, said the director of Deloitte touche Tohmatsu India LLP. The voice calls and the SMS rates have decreased up to 20% when compared to the last two years. IM has increased 10% and VoIP has increased 22% when compared to the past two years. So it is the right time for the mobile carriers and the network operators to make use of this opportunity, since there is great thirst for data among the customers.
Nearly, two third of people who participated in the survey are not satisfied with the quality of the voice calls. This results in adopting the VoIP methods. People prefer the VoIP calls because of the free international calls, and the possibility to make the video calls. The quality of network will be more important than the quality of voice calls, in the coming years. The usages of wifi in the home, work place and in any public places have increased for the past two tears. 43% of people used wifi in 2013, whereas in 2015, about 45% people use wifi. And 57% of people started using the internet on their smart phones. Survey says that, most of the people who were surveyed, did not start using 4G networks, as per the reports, they will start using the 4G within a year.

Mobile banking trend

The research found that, many people who were surveyed are interested in in-store payments and also in the mobile money transfers. In the survey, 71% of people said that, they use the in-store money payments, and they are interested in it. 54% of people said that, they are interested in mobile money transfer and they are going to practice it in the coming days.
 About 39% of people feel that the in-store money transfer has some security issues. And above 19% of people feel that there is no benefit from this scheme. Another 19% people feel that many stores do not permit this kind of money transfers.
Many people are fond of online shopping; they use the mobile just to do shopping in online. Whereas there is the other kind of people who are not interested in online shopping. 43% people give preference to their smart phones, from other devices.

Limitations of over use of smart phones:

Smart phone usage may have several advantages, but when it comes to health, it will have its own disadvantages. Smart phone over usage will cause some preoccupation behaviors such as, addition to smart phones, spending of more money for the usage of some application and in shopping, using mobile phones in dangerous situations such as, while driving and in any meeting environment etc. they may also have anxiety if they are separated from mobile phones due to poor signal conditions.


Smart phone over usage can be differentiated by various age groups. Among the British children who were between the age 11-14, are addicted by 10%, whereas in India, the children of the same age group were addicted from 39-44%, these things are to be given importance by the parents and also by the society. This addition may affect their studies. In Korea the addiction rate is 5-11%. This addition is treated as the some kind of health issue. Men are less stressed when compared to women; they use their smart phones for the social purposes. The older people are less addicted to smart phones.


Social and psychological effects of smart phone over usage are as follows.


Excessive use of mobile phones causes some health problems. People may tend to use the mobile phones in many circumstances and situations, germs are present in every small thing, these germs can easily infect you, when using your mobile phone. A research in 2011, found that, one in six cell phones was infected by the fecal matter, which is the one of the sources for the bacteria named E.coli. These E.coil bacteria may cause fever and vomiting in humans. An Egypt research organization, says that, the chance of spreading the bacteria is higher in cell phones.
One of the reasons for the occurrence of brain cancer is the excessive use of cell phones. There are many attributes which results in cancer, in which, we have to take into account that, how long we use the mobile phones. There is no particular evidence for linking the mobile phone usage and the cancer. But, the international research organization said that, the radio frequency is the cause of the brain cancer, in which the high frequency matters, using the mobile phone in limit will not cause any damage to the human body. The high frequency level has been confirmed as the cause of the tumors, these tumor results in cancer.
Using the smart phones before going to bed, will cause the inability called insomnia, which is the disorder that causes inability to sleep. World Health Organization suggested banning the use of electronic devices for the toddlers.
In the psychological part, some of the children are using the smart phones to harm other children. A research is going on regarding the positive and negative impacts of mobile phones. It is in the hands of each and every person to take care of themselves and protect them from any harm. As we know that, every little thing will have their own strengths and weakness, it is our responsibility to be aware and safeguard ourselves from the disadvantages, and use the technology in the right path.  

Author Bio

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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The latest trends for the online marketing in 2016

The internet marketing is the one of most trendy marketing strategy these days. You can easily use the internet platform for the various type of marketing. The use of websites and the social media is increasing day by day. If you are the owner of any new startup business then you can easily use the online websites for the marketing of the business or company. There are many tools and features are available on the internet which you can easily use for the online marketing. You can use the texts, images, ads, videos and the blogs on the internet for the marketing of any business or any product. The technology and the trend are changing of the online marketing very quickly. If you want to know about the latest trend of the online marketing then this article will help you to know about the latest trend of online marketing in 2016:
      Use of the mobile and wearable over the computer:

This is the era of latest technology and portability. The smart phones are used on a large scale today to access the internet and these are very useful to use anywhere. The companies are using the mobile websites for the online marketing. The wearable devices like the smart watches are also in trend to use for the online marketing.
            The video marketing:

Videos are the very good medium for the better representation. The website like YouTube is in a large use for the online video marketing. The good promotional videos are being used by the companies and they are using these videos on the various websites for the marketing.
      Social media: 

The social media is the biggest platform for the online marketing and the use of social media is on the top in 2016. Every internet user is using the social media websites and the companies are using this platform for the online marketing of their products. They can use the blogs, articles and the pages of the company for the promotion. The images and the videos are in the big use to be shared on the social media websites. This type of marketing is preferred by the people who are in to blogging.
      Paid advertisements:

If you want the more web traffic for your content or advertisements then you can use the paid ads option. The various websites are giving you this option and they will share your advertisement to the various on a large scale. The paid option also increases the SEO rankings and this type of the marketing is in trend these days.
             App marketing:

The apps are being used on a large scale. You can use the various apps on the mobiles, computers and the websites. You can easily use these apps for the marketing. You have seen the various ads in the apps when you use them. These are in the latest trend for the online marketing.
            Content writing:

The content writing is used on the websites to provide the various blogs, articles and the press releases. The keywords are being used in the content and you can use the better keywords in the content to get the higher ranking in the SEO rankings. The content rewriting is the new trend for the online marketing.

All these new strategies are in the trend this year and you can easily use the new tools for making the better marketing strategy. if you want that you can reach to the maximum audience then it is possible today due to the large use of the internet. The ads and the promotions are being used on almost every site and you can make your own website too to give a destination to the audience.      

Author :  Sourabh Verma 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

3 Best Apps to Edit Photos like a Pro

3 Best Apps to Edit Photos like a Pro

If you have an interest in photography and you do not know how to use Adobe Photoshop then I have some excellent suggestions that you can use and take excellent shots like professional.


It is an online portal also available on android and iOS. It offers 3 levels of editing apps depending on difficulty level and customization, Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor.
First, Pixlr-o-matic, which allows you to add basic filters, it is rather a fun app to add retro and vintage effects.
Second is Pixlr Express, which is more advanced in comparison to the Pixlr-o-matic. Which offers a bundle of great feature; it is very easy to use you do not have to need training to use it once you go through each option you can play and create custom editing. You can apply quick fixes, overlays, filters, stickers, texts. Furthermore, you can make collages as it offers variety of different layouts and later you can edit it and make it beautiful using Pixlr express editor.
Third and last, Pixlr editor is a robust browser photo editor, for all your editing needs which can be an alternate and free version to Adobe Photoshop. With Pixlr Editor, you have full control over your images including layers and effects.
One of the downside it is that its mobile app has very limited features, which you might not enjoy.

Unlike Pixlr, PicsArt is an awesome mobile app, which you can install in your iPhone or android phone. It is a very versatile app, which has camera option with filters, great editing tools, a wide variety of filters, customization options,
One of the best features is that it drawing panel, where you can create custom drawings, add pictures, and play with shapes, fonts and much more creativity. You might not be able to use it at maximum if you have cellphone with small screen. There are some features, which are premium and need to be purchased however; the free content is enough for beginners.
After creating your artifacts, you can easily share it on social media, PicsArt network or upload it on cloud. PicsArt has its own studio where you can follow other user and artists, see their creation and shares yours there it is just like tumblr, flickr or instagram. It also offers competitions in which you can take part.

PicMonkey is also a browser app and also has mobile app for android and iOS, it is a very good website, it also has 4 different interfaces:
1.     Edit – main editor which offers all features at one place.
2.     “touch ups” – in which you can add basic filters,
3.     “design” – in this they offer different canvas on which you can create logos, business cards, facebool covers, graphical shapes and banners etc
4.     “collage maker” – is your basic collage maker with different layouts
It offers different and unique filters, frames and fonts in comparison to the Pixlr.
The interface is very beautiful and interactive. There are very free features but some of them are premium therefore you would need to purchase it. It has meme maker, features to allow you to do digital scrapbooking, take selfies with fun filters and much more. It also allows sharing to social networks and uploading to cloud.
One downside is that its mobile app is not free although they do offer a free trial you need to purchase it which makes it quite expensive however you can still your its functionalities from the web. In case you want a free app, you can choose PicsArt.

Author Bio:
Jose works as a writer for one of the best UK dissertation writing services on internet. Dissertation Planet helps students who are looking for services to Dissertation help and writing dissertation services. Jose has helped many students in writing, editing and proofreading their essays and dissertations and helping them achieve first class standard through professionally written papers.

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Protecting Yourself From Hackers

Hackers Protection
Identity theft is a real thing and it mostly stems from cybercrimes such as hacking your social media profiles to hacking your online banking accounts. At a click of a button, your most important information can be viewed and downloaded without you even knowing. Chances are, you’ll only realize you’ve been hacked once it’s too late. These days, hackers have become so advanced that we need to take extra measures in protecting what we post online. To avoid being compromised, here’s what to do:

All About the Passwords:
Ensure that you are using a series of complex passwords across all your social media profiles and online banking accounts. Never choose just one password for all. Include special characters, numbers and capital letters so that your passwords are harder to crack. Make it a point to change and renew your password every month and never include pets or family member’s names. Passwords should not just be limited to social media profiles and banking accounts, create passcodes for all gadgets as well. If you have difficulty remembering passwords then use password management systems such as LastPass and 1Password.

Public Wi-Fi:
The easiest way for a hacker to gain entry into your system is through public Wi-Fis. In most cases, Wi-Fi connections that are accessible to the public have no passwords or encryption. That makes it a breeze for hackers to access personal information. What you can do is to avoid connecting to free public Wi-Fi unless you really need to and if you do need to, make sure you don’t use it to log into your online bank account. What you access using the free Wi-Fi, can easily be seen and downloaded by a hacker.
Some great advice by Amadou Diallo of Forbes, “Don’t make the mistake of thinking that requiring a password makes a public hotspot more secure. If that password is written on the counter or being handed out to customers who ask for it, that’s as bad as having no password at all.”

Operating Systems and Security Programs:

Another way to protect yourself from hackers is to update your operating system. Regularly updating your mobile phone or laptop’s operating system means updating its security programs as well. The latest version always makes it harder for hackers to gain access to your system. Outdated systems are easier to break into because they provide little to no security when it comes to sensitive data.

Protect Yourself:
  • Two-step verification: An effective way of keeping your information safe is using the two-step verification process available in most websites these days. Websites such as Google and Facebook has this and it requires you to authenticate your log in information with another device before you are successfully allowed to log in. This is an added safety measure to ensure that the user is the real person who is logging into the account.
  • Anti-virus: Some hackers and account compromise can come in a form of a virus. Hackers are able to disguise themselves with the use of malware and other types of viruses. When this virus infiltrates your gadget, not only is your memory wiped but your account information as well. Invest in anti-virus or anti-malware programs. They may be costly but this is protection you need against cybercrimes.
  • Hard Drive Wipe: In the event that you will sell an old gadget especially computers, never forget to do a complete hard drive wipe. Delete all previous saved details and restore to default settings.
Joel Ekstein
Author’s Bio: Joel Ekstein is an eCommerce retail expert with over 12 years experience in the industry. He has had experience in buyer and inventory forecasting, marketing, and expanding customer base in new markets. Instead of the notion that offering 100% customer satisfaction hurts 20% of profit, Joel has proved that 100% customer satisfaction increases customer engagement and customer base which leads to 25% profit increase.|

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Marketing Automation Tools That Every Business Should Be Using

Any smart entrepreneur will realize the importance of tracking the behavior of their prospects. Guiding and following your prospects through every step of the purchasing process is the only way to create effective marketing campaigns that reach customers in a specific, personalized way and increase sales. This is where marketing automation tools become crucial.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Marketing Automation Tools?
Among the endless advantages of marketing automation, maintaining consistency when building and sustaining relations with customers is certainly the most important benefit. If marketers base their communication with prospects on Facebook or Twitter, they may find it challenging to post and tweet on a regular basis. This may be due to many reasons; numerous work tasks and duties, unplanned meetings, family priorities, etc. Whether you are a proud business owner or a successful marketer, chances are you’re well aware of the importance of creating positive relationships with customers. And just like any other relationship, these require consistency.
marketing automation tools and customer relations

Marketing automation tools help you achieve consistency in the means of maintaining regular relationships with existing and potential customers. When marketers have a sequence automated posts on a schedule, instead of posting each one manually, they are able to create a sense of constant presence. Visitors then know that your business or brand is actively engaging with customers. This includes providing fresh and relevant information about the products and services that you sell. Other benefits of marketing automation tools include better use of data, more effective data storage and increased overall efficiency in the process of completing tasks. Marketing tools can simplify complex data analyses and help users predict market fluctuations. Effective data storage helps users evaluate their marketing strategy, as well as predict and overcome possible obstacles.

Marketing Automation Tools That Every Business Should Consider Using:
Once you acknowledge and understand the benefits of marketing automation, you find it tricky to choose the right automation tools for your business. Whether your business is well developed or just a small and fresh start-up business, these tools can help you tailor your  marketing campaigns more effectively.

HubSpot is popular for a couple of reasons, but one reason stands out above the rest. This is probably the most user-friendly platform you will find. It is convenient, straightforward and intuitive to use. In fact, this is probably the only platform where you dive straight into advanced marketing tactics without having to read any documentation. When you do eventually need help, HubSpot offers excellent support and documentation. While HubSpot was originally built for smaller businesses, it is now used by larger businesses too. So regardless of the stage your business is in at the moment, you might want to look into this platform to see whether it meets your needs.

HubSpot Represents the Perfect Example of a "Marketing Automation Solution":
It offers the ability to manage and email your leads. It allows you to create, manage and promote content. It includes basic SEO features and a decent amount of templates. It helps you capture leads and create landing pages as well as do all of your split-testing. This is the same rough feature set that's common to all marketing automation platforms. The differences are slight and primarily in the style of implementation. Some tools have a few extra features that stand out. Others differentiate themselves in how they implement the basic features, and whether it fits your company culture. While we could try and list all of the pros and cons of HubSpot compared to the other platforms, there's really no need. HubSpot offers a free trial where you can fully test whether it meshes with your needs. This is far superior to reading any reviews or opinions on which platform will or won't meet your needs.
most effective marketing automation tools

Unlike HubSpot, Marketo isn't suitable for any business at any stage. It specifically targets medium to enterprise level customers and its pricing points reflect this. If you're a small business owner, feel free to ignore this vendor altogether for now. The one area where Marketo differentiates is in its focus. It was always focused more on B2B types of businesses. This reflects in the depth that same of its features have. This explains why it has some of the best lead-nurturing functionality. But it also explains why it isn't very user friendly. Whereas HubSpot can be picked up by anyone in minutes, Marketo assumes you have a staff of IT people and marketing specialists to handle it.

Pardot is another marketing automation tool that you will like if you're on a B2B business model. One of the first things people notice when compared to Marketo, is its ease-of-use. It isn't as simple to use as HubSpot, but it is probably the most intuitive out of the enterprise tools. Being a Salesforce product, you might want to consider it if you're a Salesforce fan. Obviously being a product of the same company, it has excellent integration and syncing with Salesforce. The one thing you sacrifice with Pardot (in comparison to Marketo) is the lack of depth to the features. You get a more pleasing and usable interface, but the features are a lot more shallow.
marketing automation tools and customer information

Active Campaign:
If your marketing automation needs are primarily about nurturing leads through email, ActiveCampaign is the one for you. Nobody beats ActiveCampaign at email marketing automation. The great thing about ActiveCampaign is that it makes complexity easy. It allows you to set up even the most complex marketing strategy an experienced marketer can come up with. Yet it makes even such a complex setup seem like playing a simulation game - it is very intuitive to do. In the rare chance that you get lost, it provides some excellent learning resources for newbies. Due to this, ActiveCampaign can be practical for businesses of all sizes.

What Do Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and ActiveCampaign Have in Common?
In the sea of marketing automation tools, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and ActiveCampaign are recognized as reliable products that most every business should consider using. Despite their differences, these four tools have a lot in common. They help marketers focus on their prospects and accelerate them through the sales funnel via an act-on solution. Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and ActiveCampaign are all well integrated with other popular solutions. These are tools that are dynamic and offer numerous features, all to the benefit of your marketing strategy. They will all help you with implementing a quality inbound strategy. These marketing automation tools help marketers attract more visitors to a website, convert them to leads and even paying customers.

marketing automation tools convert leads into customers

Make your Business Stand Out and Get in Front of Prospects:
Within the past few years, marketing has changed significantly. Instead of pushing products or services onto potential customers, marketing is now based on intriguing people and earning their interest. While the “old” marketing relied on one-way communication through slogans and short messages, modern marketing communication is all about two-way, interactive communication. Modern marketers don’t play chase and catch to find customers anymore; they don’t practice cold calling as much as they used to. Now, they tend to base their marketing strategy on entertaining and educating prospects. If you are looking for an effective way to reach out to prospects and convert leads to customers, you should consider a modern marketing approach. Regardless of the size of your business, using some of the marketing automation tools mentioned above will help you achieve positive results.

In addition, these marketing automation tools can decrease your costs. With a good automated solution, it takes only one employee to set up lead nurturing and complex marketing campaigns, rather than a dozen experienced marketing professionals. After your marketing campaign has been set, your business will automatically send out numerous personalized emails to prospects, based on their specific interests. Whether you choose Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or ActiveCampaign, you'll be able to track the way your prospects interact with your business. Each of these marketing tools can provide you with detailed information on website visits and clicks, content downloads, and much more. This will help you understand their decision-making process and create better relationships through interactive communication, and appropriate, well-timed reactions.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tips on Improving Dissertation Writing With Best Ideas

Dissertation Writing Ideas
Students need to learn how to write dissertations the best way as this is the only thing that will help them succeed in their class and do well in their future. There are many students who are not so expert in writing and researching and thus, they need some help and guidance when it comes to writing one of the most important documents of their academic lives. This article brings some top tips for students that can help them improve their dissertation writing with great ideas.

Guide Readers with Relevant and Important Information:
The first and the most important thing for students to do when working on their dissertations is to guide the readers through what they are perceiving and take them step by step. It can only be done if students collect relevant and information that is related to the dissertation topic and subject and they write it the best way to make readers understand why they are working on this particular paper. If students are unable to do so, they can hire dissertation writing services for better understanding.

Use the Right Words to Make the Paper Impressive:
When working on their dissertations, students need to make sure that they use the right collection of words that make their paper impressive and help them communicate the best meaning to the readers. They must avoid clich├ęs and buzzwords that irritate the readers especially their readers and distract them from the main topic or idea. They must understand the right mix of intellectual words along with the appropriate words of common usage that help them impart the right meaning to the readers.

Understanding the Audience and Their Level:
It is very important that students keep their audience and their understanding level in mind when they start working on their dissertation. It will enable them to work the best way as they will know what type of research they should be conducting, what type of examples they should use and how they should convey the message to the readers that they will be able to understand. The more the students understand their audience and their level, the better effort they will be able to make and work on their papers.

Work Towards Writing Creatively:
When working on their dissertations, students need to understand that they must write creatively and make sure that they use their imagination to create a world where they are the mastermind behind everything and the readers believe what the writer wants them to. Showing the readers how they have handled the topic and the subject is the best way for students to move forward and so something in their dissertation that will help them impress their teachers and do better in their assignment. Students can use the best of ideas to work the right way and achieve success for themselves in the tough competition by using the right mix of tips to write the most top quality and custom dissertations for their teachers. It is only with good understanding and efforts that they can enjoy success in their class.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5G and its brilliant uses that can shape our future

Meta description: 5G is primed to take the world by surprise and unleash its power to change our
lifestyles for good by 2020.
5G simply stands for fifth generation, however it isn’t the fifth generation of your favorite laptop brand
or tablet make, 5G is specifically the latest technological upgrade on broadband standard. Yes, it is the
successor to currently residing 3G and 4G technologies. Even though it is not expected to arrive before
the spring of 2020, its potential capabilities are quite a talking point in the tech world today.
A commitment of a rapid moving world
GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) believes that the arrival of 5G technology should see us
dwell in a much faster world. According to GSMA, 5G promises end point connections in the range of 1
to 10 Gbps, a thousand times better bandwidth per unit area, 90% energy usage reduction and a battery
life of ten years for low power devices. 3G and 4G worked by acquiring signals from the nearest tower
and provided quite a breakthrough in cellular communication. The download speeds soared to 100
Mbps. However, what 5G can bring to the people of this world is something quite unassailable. 5G
connectivity shall be three times faster than 4G, which promises a quick integration and arrival of the
world of connected devices.
The pros and cons of 5G
Of course 5G will make our access to data and the world of internet much faster than 4G. The current
bandwidth standards of the world have already given us hassle free internet on-the- go, with the best
connection packages facilitating lag free internet browsing. Thus, what 5G can bring to the world can
only be imagined. A theoretical download speed of 10 Gbps is already being anticipated, which will
possibly eliminate the word ‘loading’ from our lives for good. As every technological advancement is
aimed at quickening and hastening of things, 5G will certainly satiate our speed needs. However, this
transcendence from 3G/4G to 5G will come at a great implementation cost. Every gadget that we use
today will become obsolete, and because the arrival of 5G will need a new radio frequency band, we
might be looking at RF traffic.
What’s exciting coming up in 5G
As many cellular companies and technological powerhouses precipitate their work in 5G, some have
already set implementation and testing targets. Verizon claims to launch and test 5G with the customers
within the next seven months. On the other hand, South Korea has invested about 1.5 billion USD in the
R&D for 5G, with the aim of trials in 2017. Cellphone and PDA manufacturers will need proofs of the
future of 5G as they are the ones who will have to incorporate the associated infrastructure to
accommodate the new technology. Moreover, a new eco-system, architecture and agreed set of
standards will have to be devised right from the word go.
Uses of 5G- a brief insight
The mere thought of 5G makes us drool over the extent of technological leverage we might have on our
hands. 5G will provide the ultimate platform for a smart world. The automated communication of
devices, internet of things, smart homes, real-time app assistants, logistics, driverless cars and health
care, 5G is primed to change our world in entirety. So if you ever dreamt of a completely automated
world, well, it may not be very far!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to Manage Mobile App Analytics to Acquire More Customers

Mobile App Analytics
There are many reasons why a user might choose or abandon an app, and the best way to clear the murky waters of user behavior is by using mobile analytics software. Analytics can provide invaluable insights into how users interact with your app, and they can help you focus your efforts on the areas which are most appealing to your user base. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how mobile analytics can help you acquire more customers.

By Improving Existing Features:
With app analytics you can save both time and money by finding out which features appeal to your users the most. A good analytics software will be able to show you how many times and at what points during the interaction a feature is used. If you find out that a feature is rarely used, you can take it out of your app. If the data shows that there is potential for improvement, you can focus your development efforts on that feature.

By Making Your App More Accessible:
Improving your app’s accessibility can be done by analyzing two factors: user flow and user engagement. User flow will help you determine where a user might close your app. For example, a counter intuitive feature or a bug might make a user close your app. App analytics can show you choke points, which you can then address by on boarding the user, streamlining a feature or fixing a bug. User engagement is a metric that helps you determine the length and frequency of sessions. If you find that you get plenty of downloads, but the app is only used once by most users, something’s clearly not right. In this case, you want to map out a journey and figure out whether it’s a design or a functionality flaw. From there, it’s easy to implement and test features that drive up your user retention, features such as push notification or an on-boarding process.

By Tracking ROI:
While ROI might not be a direct indicator of user behavior, it is a good indicator of your app’s ability to convert users and the effectiveness of your ad networks. Analytics can help you know where your users come from, and if you are using several ad networks, you can start separating the wheat from the chaff and focusing your investments on the most profitable marketing channels. Furthermore, you can determine the value of each user that is sent your way, which is another great way to find out where you get your highest quality referrals from.

By Detecting Bugs and Crashes:
There are currently many mobile devices in use, and while it might be great to have the perfect one-time solution, the world does not work that way. Many users fall through the cracks simply due to compatibility issues. Analytics software can help track those crashes and offer detailed reports on the circumstances at hand. Using these reports, businesses can identify whether a platform is worth “saving” or not. If a platform has enough users, and the crash reports show that there is a considerable compatibility problem, developers can start working on patches and increase the user base through a new update.

By Increasing Conversions:
Acquiring a customer is a long process that always ends with a sale/conversion. Analytics can help you reach that end goal by identifying flow funnels, and the factors that trigger conversions, purchases or the specific actions which brings in revenue.

Analytics are very powerful tools for developers who want to ensure that they generate a healthy revenue stream from their app. This is done through identifying what can improve the user experience, and the bottlenecks that hinder the conversion process. Thanks to analytics, the process of iteration and successful optimization of an app is no longer a drawn out, nebulous process. Instead, developers can rely on clear and accurate data to make a decision.

Author Bio:
"Alfred is a tech lover who writes for Dot Com Infoway, a multinational digital marketing agency offering SEO, PPC & Social Media marketing to business needs with their expert team. Our Mobile app marketing team provides the best app promotion strategies for your mobile apps, help you design and execute a perfect launch to make your app stand out from other mobile apps in the market."

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Effects of Social Media on Education

Social Media
Social media is at boom these days. People are always looking forward to things that are at ease. There are multiple things that one can do over the web. Social media lends a hand in sharing of many things like data, information, videos, and photos. The world has turned more towards the technological side, in addition to a research; it is figured out that around 66% of the younger generation has signed up on the social media sites. Not only you can share your views, ideas, and thoughts over social media but it also assists in learning the process. This shows that social media is a wide spectrum and has positive aspects over many things. Hence, social media is not only influencing the entertainment sector but education fraction too. The top notch hearsay is that there are absolute no adverse effects of the social media over education. The outcomes are positive in every manner perceived. A student can take countless benefits.

Improved Alliance of Undergraduates:
The common relationship has greater than before speeded cadence, and the dominance of coalition for apprentices. The students by means of the help of this debate are gifted to unite to further natives, contribute to thoughts and information, request uncertainties, and be trained to be enhanced. Single more additional obsession is the entire statistics and particulars are immediately relocated to the new body in a rebuff of an instance, this facilitates in the mounting of the competence of student and everyone who be in a band.

Connoisseur in Widget:
The apprentices, in view of the fact that encompass an augmented convention of computer and device, they catch capability. The students boost their dexterity and spotlight on knowledge which lends a hand them to them at current among tutoring and anon with a profession. The undergrads be converted into more talented and practiced presently for the reason that of common medium and the gadgets, which they are using.

Modernize Yourself:
Students be capable of effortlessly transform their silhouette and by this technique they are capable of doing anything that is incredibly diverse. Students make use of techniques that are habitually not educated in teach. Students construct websites and recommence for prospect and outlooks. Spaced out beginning from this, students in addition craft online assortment that is be obliged to a prerequisite for potential profession alleyway. These manner students are inclined to discern what is obtainable just about them, and they can dig up thoughts commencing the most modern of belongings occurrence.

Students get rid of impurities and expand their ingenious fitness and preserve to the highest degree of preferred self-sufficiency or assist for them, which rally round in the settle on an element that what occupation channel they might be longing to put into practice. The student does not search out accurate corridor to expel out what they comprise in intellect. However they find things of their interest like hiring cheap dissertation writing service. Nonetheless, with an assistance of societal media, students encompass a true medium to advise and eject what is going with them on their minds.