Aspects of Dissertation Writing that Help in Securing Good Marks

Help in Securing Good Marks
There are a lot of things that can help student secure good marks in their assignment writing. Getting on with their dissertation and writing a top quality paper is no easy job and requires a lot of hard work, concentration and time. It is only by understanding and focusing on some aspects of dissertation writing that can help students in securing good marks and enjoying success in their class. This article lists some important aspects of dissertation writing service providers that can enable students to perform better in their assignment:

Flow of Good Ideas: Keeping up the flow of good ideas plays a very key role when it comes to writing a good dissertation as most of the students start to run out of ideas to continue writing their paper by the time they reach the middle. It is important to ensure continuity of ideas between paragraphs so that the dissertation makes sense to the readers and they are able to follow what the writer is trying to tell them with the research and arguments that are being presented.

Impersonal Tone: Academic writing is impersonal and thus, the students should avoid using ‘I’ or ‘You’ in their paper as it becomes more of a personal address than an academic literature. The students must focus on building the augments by providing strong and valid evidences and opinions from various sources and perspectives to present a clear picture to the readers. The students should not claim to prove anything without the right facts to accompany it as it might land their paper in trouble.

Use of Bullets and Numbers: Paragraphs are good but when it comes to listing, the use of bullets and numbers makes it easy for readers to go through the content and skim the information in a quick manner. Also, a change of writing generates interests in readers and keeps them engaged in the dissertation. However it is necessary to avoid plagiarism in dissertation writing which may ruin your efforts.

Use of Descriptive Examples: The students can support their claims, arguments and evidences with descriptive examples that help to explain what they actually mean. Examples not only add words to the dissertation and bring the word count up but they also add an interest factor to the paper, making it more simple and easy for readers to relate to what is being said in the paper. Along with this, providing examples also make it easy for readers to understand how well the writer knows the subject and clearly show his or her command over the topic.

Tables and Figures: If needed the students should use tables and figures in a dissertation blog as they very effectively convey the information to the readers in a picturesque form which is good to look at and make a good impression on the reader. The tables and figures should be rightly labelled as well as carry the accurate information which makes sense to the readers. Students should understand the aspects of dissertation writing well enough to secure good marks and enjoy success in their assignment.

The Office 365 - A Word Processing App for iOS Operating Systems

Android and IOS operating devices always had an office suite app. This app is capable of reading all Microsoft office documents whether they are Excel spreadsheet, word, PowerPoint or Front. Microsoft office suite can open the office file but does not allow changes or editing of the file. It can simply save the file and allows reading it and along with this one can transfer the file from one device to another with the help of a data cable.

In IPhone 5, Microsoft has introduced a new office app by the name of “The Office 365”. This app is suitable to open the file, read the file and now, it allows editing the file and making any office file. Microsoft office app contains power point, Excel spreadsheets, word and access. The main objective of Microsoft in this new app is to give a different experience to the user. The user can now feel really comfortable in using the Office app in its IPhone. IPhone 5 is giving a whole new experience to the user. This app is very suitable for the businessmen, accountants, students, business students and many other professions.

Microsoft wrote in one of their blogs that this app is quite similar to the office setup they provided for windows phone. For Ipads, Microsoft has some other ideas; they say if an ipad user wants to use the office app they can use the office web app on the ipad tablet. It is specially designed for tablets. It will be the great experience for the ipad users. Microsoft claims to give the good quality office services to the user. The new password facility in the IOS operating system will give the security and complete privacy to the user. All files and documents will be protected with the password.

While operating the Office 365 the home page will ask the user which office format he or she wants to use. Suppose, the user wants to use word file then, the new word page will appear on the device, though it is difficult to use word or any other MS office format on phone. Still, this new app is very user friendly; it will take some time to understand, after some time user will use easily. As a business student I am very contented and satisfied with Office 365 app. I can write cross-check and edit my assignment and presentations right before the submission. This helps me in re-writing the flaws or eliminating the errors from my presentation. By this last minute correction I feel really confident and now I score well in my projects. This is because of the new Office 365 app.

Microsoft has also announced that this app will soon be available for the Android Smart phones. Hopefully in 2014 Android users will use the Office 365 app. The Office 365 is present in the app store. It is free to install. The processor will save all Office Files in the internal storage. It is no doubt different yet quite fascinating experience of Ms Office.

Some WordPress Themes Used for Dissertation Blog

When searching for the right themes for dissertation blogs, there is a lot to be done as selecting the best WordPress themes is no easy job as dissertation blogs require a lot of hard work and efforts and no matter what students do, they search for the most informative and the most helpful dissertation blogs that can help them achieve their goals.

The main purpose of dissertation blogs is to provide help to students and if the blogs are unable to achieve that goals, there is no need to have a blog. The blogs work to provide the best of information and guidelines to students’ when it comes to guiding them on how to operate when they get assignments or project to work for their class. There are many WordPress themes which can be used for dissertation blogs of dissertation writing services providers and they play a key role in helping students achieve their academic goals.

There are a lot of WordPress themes that can be used for make websites, quickly and easily using these pre-made themes. They are not only easy to use but they are also attractive and appealing and very good on a limited budget too when the website developer cannot afford an exorbitant budget. This article brings some ideas and tips for WordPress themes that can be used for dissertation blogs which can help to attract a large number of students and make the website look unique and appealing at the same time.

It is important to keep the purpose of the dissertation blog in mind when looking out for a theme as it can play a key role in attracting students. Most of the students look for themes which are easy to understand and read and provide help to them when they are searching for solutions to their academic needs. In such cases, having a custom dissertation blog really helps because it attracts more students.

It is also necessary to come up with a dissertation blog theme which can be optimized the right way. There are many dissertation blogs that failed just because they were not SEO friendly and the search engines were not able to pick them up when students searched for them. It is important for the dissertation blogs to be indexed by Google giving the blog more opportunities for traffic and customers.

It is also important to select a theme for dissertation blog which offers amazing support to build the site and give unlimited access to the forum, email support and updates. It is important to choose the most amazing WordPress theme for dissertation blog that encourages the students to return again and again for more help when it comes to writing their dissertations and theses and solving all their academic problems the best way.

Some of themes to be used for this propose are under here;
  1. Quik Magazine Style Thesis Theme
  2. The Reader Wordpress Theme
  3. Minimalia Wordpress Theme
  4. JudyBlog Wordpress Theme
  5. Simple Article Wordpress Theme

Having good colors, easy to use navigation panel and other important features is very necessary for the dissertation blog as it goes a long way in helping students work the right way and obtaining success in their class.

Some Firewalls to Be Used to Save from Hackers

Firewalls to Save from Hackers
As the technology is advancing and as more and more forms of protection are being introduced, the threat of hacking and security breach is also on the rise. While there are people who are coming up with means and ways to protect data and ensure security, there is another group of people who is working hard to devise means and ways to hack other people’s information and get into their security systems. Thus, it becomes very necessary for a computer and internet user to use the right firewalls to save themselves from hackers and enjoy smooth and worry free internet usage.

Protecting one’s computer is data is a must because hackers take advantage of others’ data and information and use it for their own means and end which is very harmful. The key way to attack any system is the internet and its popular service of web. There are numerous ways with which users can protect and remove malware from their computers. The better and more the layers of defence, the harder it is for hackers to use a computer. This article, written by team of Phd dissertation writing services, brings great insight regarding some firewalls to be used by internet users to stay away from hackers and keep their information and systems safe.

Installing Firewalls:
A firewall is just like a security guard and it helps to save the computer and its data from hackers. There are two types of firewalls, the software firewall and the hardware firewall. Both have the same purpose but they work differently. The main aim of firewall is to provide security to the computer by creating a barrier between the computer and any unauthorized programs which tries to penetrate its security. Installing firewall helps to keep out the unauthorized efforts to the system. Some of best firewalls to install are Comodo Firewall, Peer Block, PrivateFirewall and Anti NetCut3.

Installing Antivirus Software:
Antivirus is a great way to protect the computer as it prevents any unauthorized code or software that is a threat to the system including viruses, keyloggers, trojansetc that slow the speed of computer, delete important files and try to access key information. Installing antivirus ensures that the computer is safe from any virus attach and hacking. Some of best software to use as Antivirus are Norton Security, BitDefender Internet Security, Avast Internet Security, Trend Micro Security and 360 Total Security.

Installing Anti-spyware Software:
Spyware is a program that collects personal information or information about an organization without their approval and sends this information a third party website. Spyware are designed in such a way that they cannot be easily removed. Anti-Spyware software works hard to remove spyware and protects the users’ information from preying eyes. Some of best anti-spyware software are Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+, Spybot Search & Destroy, Super AntiSpyware and Trend Micro HijackThis.

Using Complex and Secure Passwords:
Using complex and secure passwords is another great way to remain safe form hackers and avoid getting a security threat. There are many people who use a lot of firewalls but forget to use the right type of passwords and the hackers can easily get into their systems.

Firewalls are the only way to ensure complete and absolute security from unwanted and preying eyes that cause a lot of trouble to the internet and computer users and hack their information for their own means.

The Best Android Learning Apps Every Student Should Have

Best Android Learning Apps
Android has made it really easy for students to keep up with their studies and assists them in completing their tasks and understanding them well. No matter in which part of the world the students live or study, they have access to these android apps from the web from where they can download them and use them to facilitate their education.

Here is a list of some of the best android apps that every student should have as they make it easy for the students to work and concentrate on their studies without worrying about these things. They can study online, find knowledge and sources for their education, hire experts to buy their dissertation writing service and much more. These apps are the best in the market and a great assistance to students interested in utilizing technology to their advantage in regards to both their studies and personal success.
This app actually does what its name actually implies. The students can look up nearly any word and whether the students require a dictionary or thesaurus, they will find what they are looking for and find it most easily. This app even has a regional map of trending searches in the students’ area which they can check out without any trouble.

Wikipedia is a great way to acquire information regarding a particular company, place, thing and helps them understand what it is all about. This site's official app provides access to the encyclopedia's catalogue of more than approx. about 32 million disputable articles that are available in more than 280 languages for students all over the world. This app is simply amazing as it brings bottomless depths of knowledge to students’ fingertips in a convenient interface. It is also one of the highest rates apps in the market as it enables students to share the information on social media too.

This app has more than 200 free courses which covers other than 20 subject areas including music, science, etc. the good thing about it is that it enables the students to get engages in a variety of courses from a slew of top-tier universities and institutions around the world. The students have the chance to enroll in classes, stream and download lectures, and watch content on their own time without any limitation.

Algebra Tutor:
For students who face difficult in their mathematics, this app is one of the best also ranked as the highest-recommended in the market as it offers step-by-step instructions and helps students find and correct their mistakes. Whether it is for students or professional, it is a great tutor for providing algebra help.

For students who are specializing in subjects related to geography or who just love geography, MapMaster is a great educational app which tests their knowledge of well-known places, sites, states and capitals around the world through games. It helps students work and enjoy learning at the same time.

Android apps are a great help for students as they provide them a chance to study free of cost and without going to any extra lengths to add to their knowledge and skills.

Brute Force Attacks - How to Save Your Website

Save Your Website
A ‘brute force’ login attack is a type of attack against any website to get access to it by guessing the username and password, over and over again. The hacker can try again and again and get the right password by guess various combinations and take over someone else’ account.

Brute force attack is the most common threat which is faced by web developers. It is known as brute force attack because it is a repeated attempt by the hackers to discover the password by trying every possible combination of letters, words, numbers and symbols until they come to the right combination which words. It is important to know that if any website requires user authentication, it is a good target for a brute-force attack. There is a high chance that a hacker discovers the password through a brute-force attack, even though it might take repeated attacks which can be as many as a hundred because it is no easy task working out someone else’s password.

It is because depending on the password's length and complexity, there could be trillions of possible combinations but the hackers are too smart, they start with dictionary words or slightly modified dictionary words because most people will use those rather than a completely random passwords. The users must know that brute force attacks put user accounts at risk and flood their site with unnecessary traffic.

It becomes very necessary for website admin to protect their dissertation writing websites from brute force attacks by putting in passwords and login ids which are not so easy for the preying eyes to understand and formulate. It is because hackers make use of tools that are easily available for them to utilize word lists and smart rule sets to intelligently and automatically guess user passwords.

One smart way to protect a website from brute force attack is to use a plugin like Brute Protect which prevents hackers from getting into a website system. With help of this plugin, the admin can limit the number of login attempts from a given IP address. It also allows the admin to manually block an IP address from logging into a website if it detects some problems. Along with it, this plugin also delays execution after a failed login attempt to slow down the brute force attack which prevents the damage to the website and helps to protect the website from being hacked.

There are also a number of other options to protect websites from brute force attacks which protect and accelerate any website online. Once the websites are a part of those protective circles, they route it though their intelligent global network and optimize delivery of the web pages so that the visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance by reducing the danger of brute force attacks. With traffic routing and optimization of the page load time, it becomes easy for the admin to keep an eye on their website login data and they can make out if there is any brute force attack being launched.

History of Cyber War between USA and Russia

War Between USA and Russia
Relations between USA and Russia have been very tense since ages even without any shot or any gun being fired. However, it is a totally different story when it comes to online relationships and the cyber war between the two countries seems to be growing with every passing day. In the digital world, the USA and Russia are big adversaries who are fighting for dominance with each other. Some of the largest US threats are buzzing through Russian computer systems as well as cyber war between USA and China operated by droves of highly skilled hackers.

Cyber war has become the 21st century’s most preferred form of international theft and hackers are there to hunt any intellectual property that is worthy money. Hackers are quick to infiltrate information ranging from biomedical to energy, finance to software, IT to defense, and aerospace industry information that can help them get access to secrets of what others are doing and how and what they can do about it. Russia has denied any allegations of cyber espionage and, in the wake of disclosures about the activities of the National Security Agency by the former contractor Edward Snowden, accused the US of hypocrisy. On the other hand, the USA government continues to blame the Russian government for repeated hacking attempts on its security and sensitive data.

The US government calls cyber warfare as the part of American military strategy of proactive cyber defense and the use of cyber warfare as a platform for attack. The new US military strategy makes sure that cyber attacks are just a traditional act of war, which is as important as any other form necessary to maintain the sovereignty and independence of the US government and its nation. On the other hand, cyber warfare in Russia includes allegations of denial or service attacks, hacker’s attacks and other related problems that go a long way to protect the Russia government’s secrets and getting to know what others governments are doing, despite their repeated denial of all these actions.

With some of case study help documents we can see that history of cyber war between USA and Russia also goes back a long way and both the superpowers are trying their best to penetrate the high security shield which protects their sensitive and important information and enables them to see what the other superpower is doing to protect its interests and work most intelligent to enjoy better future. While the USS military agency is there to keep an eye on what the other nations are doing, on the other hand, the Russia KGB keeps its eyes and ears open for anything new that is taking place on the international radar and what other way to get to the heart of things and explore secrets than hacking the information and having a firsthand knowledge of it.

Many officials working for the USA government as well as the Russian government have admitted to using cyber war against each other and use attack on computer systems to seek revenge. Since ages, they have been trying to beat each other at their own game and hack the most secret information for their superiority.

History of Cyber War between USA and China

China and USA
Governments have always maintained their secrets and along with this, they have also tried to spy and see what other governments are doing and how it can affect them. However, the dramatic focus on technological advances in cyber espionage and hacking is shifting the battle lines of the 21st century and instead of fighting on the battlefield, now the countries are fighting their wars through the internet.

Cyber attacks are now becoming the additional weapon of governments for fighting each other and the affected governments are taking advantage of the gaps in the foreign networks, collecting zero-day vulnerabilities and installing network surveillance to keep an eye on their competing nations. In no other part of this cyber war is more pronounced that among China and USA and both the governments are working hard to defeat each other at the cyber warfare.

The USA and China have been at war since ages and both these super powers are trying to dominate the world in all spheres of all world politics and development. Since internet has been introduced, both the superpowers have been blaming each other for trying to infiltrate their secrets and trying to obtain their sensitive data.

According to estimations, made with case study help, sensitive security files for 22.1 million people were obtained during two big security data breaches last year that were blamed on the Chinese government by the USA government. Resources claim that this number is much bigger than what was originally disclosed, and does not only include federal employees but also the friends and family of federal employees. USA officials also disclosed that this security breach was the largest and affected cyber-security hacks in the USA government and the files carried information regarding the social security numbers as well as other job and assignment related information which is considered very important.

When asked, the Chinese government has maintained its stance on the internet security very clear and consistent according to a spokesman from the government. The Chinese government claims to be a staunch defender of network security, and the government, military and associated personnel have never engaged in online theft of trade secrets, despite all allegations by the USA government.

On the other hand, Chinese government also blames the USA government for constantly trying to hack their private information and has blamed the USA officials for certain attempts on their sovereignty and independence. This is nothing new as we have seen these two countries at loggerheads with each other since china has grown tremendously and acquired so much power, wealth and ammunition.

The history of cyber war between USA and china is very long standing and while on one hand, both countries proclaim to be working on better relations at peace, there is no such thing on the books as both have been spending better portions of their budgets in building cyber tools that they can use to look up other’s security data and records. Whether it is USA or China, both the superpowers have been trying their best to defeat other at cyber war and enjoy upper hand.

4 Tools of Social Media Sites Used For Branding!

Social Media Branding Tools
Branding plays an important role in the advertisement as it becomes the name tag of the business that you are dealing in. hence the online tools are there to be used as this is more of the technological era and there are improved tools that can be used for the advertisement and branding of your business, service or the product. It is entirely up to you that which tool you apply for the branding and the publicity. You must use the tool in an effective manner so that it gives the best meaning of your message that you want to portray to the user. Before using any of such sites you must look at the others profile who are using this for the same purpose so that you have an idea about how to deal with the sites. Here are the 4 tools that you can use for the branding purpose:

This is the social media tool that allows you to manage several accounts all in a row like facebook, tweeter. You can stay in touch with all the posts that you have been doing in the past and the comments or the views that are shared by the public on your posts. This is the best tool that can be used for the analysis of your success of the tool; it will also help you in overcoming the flaws and using the tool in an effective manner.

This is one of the great tools that enable you to manage the multiple social media sites at a time. It caters most renowned and reliable sites that are used for the social linkage like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi and MySpace. It helps you to see all the relevant post that you have been doing for the business or the product you are catering. This is an advanced leveled tool used for the analyzing all these sites at the same hour of the clock.

This is the tool used for the bookmarking, user can book mark any of the item of choice by using Facebook, Google Bookmarks, Pinterest or Twitter. It helps in the promotion of the punch lines that you have used for the advertisement purpose.

This is the tool used for the visual promotion. Using this tool you can update the pictures, images or any video of your choice and relevancy for the viewers. It gives the professional touch to all the images that you want to post on the tweeter or the facebook.

These were few of the tools that can be used for the branding and advertisement purpose with the best use of the social media sites; there are lots more than these. With help of these tools above, you will get ability to make your presence online by branding your company and making your company pages or branding profiles at these social media websites. Not only these of above, there will be many of other websites which offer free branding pages and profiles but however you will need to select only trending one.

How to Remain Healthy Without Giving Into Stress

How to Remain Healthy
Students feel most stressed in today’s world because they are pressurized by their teachers, their family and their friends to do well in their class and their field and to do well in their class and their careers. Stress is very closely to related to health and the more stress we take, the more danger we bring on our mental as well as physical well being and it becomes very important to avoid stress at all costs which can deteriorate health and cause various problems in the body.

Many people do not understand but even small types of stress can lead to something big when applying for further studies and bad in the long run and the modern era is full of stress. In the race to move forward and do well, everyone tries do much more than they can and as a result, they stress themselves out mentally as well as physically. Today’s world is full of cell phones, excessive noise, bad world conditions which include terrorism as well as economic conditions and the need to beat others for a good life. All this can cause considerable stress and cause serious health issues.

Students also face a lot of stress during their academic years, from getting admission in the right educational institute to doing well in their class, making the right impression on friends and teachers to passing the assessment with good marks, there is a lot that causes so much agitation and stress among students. Research has proved that almost 70% of students suffer from stress and hire dissertation writing services because they are always thinking about new ways on how to succeed in their class and meet their targets. While it might be good to an extent, it can become an obsession if it is not checked it time and lead to various problems if the students do not take care of their health.

Some students forget everything when it’s time for their exams or assessment and it affects their mental as well as physical health. They start having blurred vision; they experience loss of sleep, loss of concentration as well as lose the inability to interact with others socially which is not good for them in the long run. Research has also shown that it is only fit and healthy people who can better respond to stressful situations and work the right way in any given conditions.

Stress is very bad for overall health and it can cause a lot of problem which take lot of time to heal. The best way for students to learn how to write a dissertation, remain healthy and avoid stress is to balance their academic and personal life, combine some recreation with their studies so that their minds and bodies remain healthy and active, ready to deal with anything which comes their way. Students must learn the tips and tricks of dealing with stress for a better future and ensure that they know how they should manage their assignments and handle their teachers the right way for best results.

Download Android Applications by Following Simple and Easy Steps

Downloading an Android application isn’t a complex job, you need to follow certain steps in the appropriate manner and you will be having the desired application from the Google apps store. You need to follow the prerequisites and then you will be having the latest and the advanced application installed. The apps world is an amazing store where you will have the best applications. You can avail the free ones or you can avail the charged ones. All depends upon your desire and the choice you have. Android applications are improving day by day and you will be having great option to select and install in your smart phones. Here are few of the latest applications, later will be explained few steps to down load these applications. Latest applications for the android cell phones:
  • The Room
  • Lions Official 
  • Cinemagram
  • Rando
  • Mr Frog The Neighbours Dog
  • Basemark X 1.0
  • Hills of Glory 3D
  • Repulze
  • DJ Space
  • DJ Funkmaster Flex
  • Epic Pirates Story
  • Colourform (HD Widgets Theme) 

These are few of the applications based on various themes and games for all genders, ages and the other social groups. You can select the one as per your choice from the Google apps store and install it following these steps:

Few of the prerequisites that will enable you to download any of the application of your choice:
  • Internet connection
  • A Gmail, Google or another account 
  • Android device
  • Google apps store must be installed

Now coming towards the steps of the installation of the application follow these:
  1. First of all log on to the application store that is installed in your device.
  2. After you have opened the application store, you will be listed with the number of applications that are latest and advanced. Each of the application will be designed and innovated in the specific manner.
  3. You can select the ones as per your choice. For that you must see the review and the description to have an idea of the application you will be installing.
  4. You can select the application from the catalogue.
  5. For the first time always looks for the free applications as it is more convenient to download.
  6. After the selection of the application you need to click on the install button.
  7. Once you have done this you will be steeping towards the last step.
  8. A window will appear showing you the option of the accept button. Click on that.
  9. This was the last step, immediately after clicking that the application will start installing.
  10. It will take hardly a minute or so to complete the downloading.
  11. Once the application is installed you can enjoy the application.

I am sure that by following these steps, you will be able to download android applications using your smartphone even if you don’t know the exact features of your phone. However to keep your mobile phone clean from garbage, you must need to install application like Avast Cleaner.

How Does Cell Phone Tracking Works?

Nowadays, with advancement in technology everyday and every minute Smartphone with enhanced features are introduced in the market. People mostly being technology lovers purchase latest and expensive most products. Having expensive phones attract mobile thieves attention. Mobiles get stolen and then we do not have any way left except to block out cell from the market. In order to save our mobiles cell phone trackers have been introduced.

Kinds of Cell Phone Trackers:
There are kinds of trackers available that are being utilized by different companies and people.

Network Based:
This kind of tracker works through network. It catches signal from nearest signal tower and allows to locate the mobile. In this case help of service provider is utilized to access information

SIM Based:
Due to growing theft problem in world cell phone companies have started designing mobiles keeping this issue in minds. The SIM based tracker usually comes in some cell phones. In case the phone has been stolen, the owner of the cell phone will be able to track his cell phone the minute it is turned on.

Internet Based:
Cell phone can be located through this kind of tracker. This technology works best when Wi-Fi has strong signals. GPS is used in this. Although this is being used in many regions but its major drawback is that due to non availability of signals at some places GPS does not gives exact location of the phone.

How Does Spy Works:
Cell phone spy are usually installed in respective Phone to monitor activity. This is the most common most used software.

This software is installed in the libraries of the system; in case of android its kernel. The spy is a kind of a virus that does not appears in the applications but works continuously behind screen. It is usually used to monitor other person’s activities.

Advantages of Cell Phone Trackers:
  • Parents can monitor their child’s activities. They can keep track on him/her.
  • Cell phone can be located in case it has been misplaced or stolen.
  • If someone wants to know the location of their loved ones, with this software installed on their phones, they can find out the exact location of their loved one.
  • Authorities use these to track criminals.
  • When in other person’s knowledge this can also work as sharing information.

Disadvantages of Cell Phone Trackers:
  • Some people tend to misuse and abuse this tech.
  • The major disadvantage of installing trackers in cell phones is invasion of other person’s privacy.

Cell phone tracking is interesting software if installed on our own cell phones, can help us with keeping our mobiles safe from theft. But, if installed on other person’s cell phone without his or her consent is morally and ethically wrong. One should suggest others too to install such software in their own cell phones too. In many countries authorities use tracking systems to locate people who are or may be involved in crimes of any sort.

Tips to Save Time Using an IPhone

Technology means making, modifying and knowledge of techniques, tools and machines. Basically in other words it is a kind of knowledge which is used to provide convenience to another by performing and inventing new techniques for the expediency of mankind. Now the question arises whether we are improving technology for betterment or is it making our lives complicated. But whatever it is, our day starts and ends with our lives online. I will be giving you some tips that can save time in case you guys are IPhone users.

Some people do not lock their screens in order to save time and hassle of entering password again and again. Smart phones should be locked to keep data safe .Here are few tips that can help you save time without unlocking your screen every time you want to access an application.

  • If you want to open your music player to select music or simply play the record you like or pause it, or adjust the volume, you do not have to enter your password. All you have to do is simply click home two times. In this way you can avoid un-locking the screen and go to music player directly.
  • Want to capture an image? You can turn on the camera without unlocking screen. Select the camera icon in the right corner. You can access camera now. Take pictures; make videos all without wasting time on entering codes for unlocking screens.
  • In case you want to adjust to volume of incoming call or phone ringer, it can be done through the volume button which is provided for headphones.
  • Another way you can save time is while visiting a web page that you often browse; you can bookmark it and add to home screen. This will help you to directly open your desired link rather than going through all the process again and again.
  • You can resize the contents of that specific web page. Viewing the page in landscape mode also helps a lot.
  • Do you want to create playlist for listening music? IPhone provides you playlist with four categories by which you can create your playlist. Use them to save time.
  • Arrange your apps on the screen in different categories. This will make it easier for you to look for an application, game or an e-book.
  • You can avail the features in Apple apps store by going through their details and descriptions. Then you will have option for the best application to download which you want to use.
  • In IPhone 5, you can take a picture while recording a video. This saves you time of waiting for camera to get free and then you can capture an image.
  • If anytime you do not like attending calls but for exception of few, IPhone provides a simple solution for this problem. The “Do Not Disturb” option only lets through the calls you want to attend while for others you do not have to worry anymore.
  • When the time comes to texting, iPhone has provided many shortcuts to its users which definitely made typing a text message easier and less time consuming.

Google postpones debut project Ara

Ara debut of the project still has to wait, at least until 2016.
His team behind the project has announced through a post on Twitter that prompted plans for testing in Puerto Rico this year. It 'also clear that Google is looking for new locations for early Keij innovative project.
The field project allows users to build a smartphone that meets their needs.
They are users who can choose every component they want and afford the Smartphones connect to the central modular.

In this way there will be the need to modify the device, but only change its components, ranging from the processor, camera, batteries, etc.

Basically Field project represents a new generation of smartfonave Mobile. All 'became lovers' after this smartoni time Google made its first debut on stage in May. Currently Google has said that 20-30 modules for this project, but this number is expected to grow further.